Friday, December 30, 2011

Education Birds annual exam time

All of Bird TLC's education birds are well taken care of. However, once a year their caretakers are required to bring the birds in to be examined, blood drawn and tested, talons and or beaks trimmed (coped) and anything else they medically might need.
Here Lisa trims Petra, a 17 year old female bald eagles talons and above Heather is coping Petra's beak. Both must be in ideal shape for the health of the bird.
Dr. Karen Higgs examines Galen, an estimated 19 year old great horned owl. Galen also got his beaki- pedi.

And of course the paperwork.

Today was a good day. 4 birds were examined and all were in excellent shape. Blood work was sent to the lab and we'll have results in a week or so. 25 more birds to go.
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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Thanks Verity!

We had a goodbye / thank you dinner for Verity at the Glacier Brew House. In the short time she's been with us as an intern, she has made a lot of friends. She got to see quite a bit of the state joining us at presentations as far away as Fairbanks. She was a huge contribution at the clinic. She also got checked off on Maverick the falcon and Gus the great horned owl
Verity leaves on Saturday for Seattle to visit family for a very short time and then she's back to Nebraska for school. Thanks for spending time with us Verity and we hope you make it back this way again.
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