Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pacific Loon at Conners Lake

Please bear with me as I finish everything else I have to do today, but I will have an update for you later tonight with photos. As of now, all loons concerned are alive and healthy.


purplejan1976 said...

Hello,looking forward to reading your
update regarding the Pacific Loon
chick @ Conners Lake today. Poor chick seems to be having a very
difficult swimming and can't
climb on the nest to rest and be
with the mother and sibling. Isn't
there anything that can be done?

Dave @ Around Anchorage, Alaska said...

See the next post.

Donna said...

I just sent a long FB message to you, but now don't see it. I just wanted to know if anyone was going to check out the lily pads before the loons all migrate. I (we) want to just know for sure that Lilly (her name) is not out in the pads, eating and growing, but no way to leave. Don't want her to freeze, come winter,is she is still around. Does anyone have a really good scope,if they don't want to venture out in canoe? I am buying one for next year, maybe sooner. Thanks Dave for what you have done prior. I have sort of been appointed the "Loonlady" and have several followers that want me to find out what I can. I live near Connors Lake myself. Please FB me or e-mail, Thank you

Dave @ Around Anchorage, Alaska said...


See my comments in the above post.