Saturday, November 30, 2013

Live Bird Thanksgiving Celebration

Birds, birds and more birds. There were owls, hawks, corvids and a goshawk.

And there were kids, kids and more kids. They were learning about all of the birds being presented. Here Karen is demonstrating bird calls and why they do them.

Willow, the Black Billed Magpie was intrigued by all the sounds and commotion that was going on.

Flame, the Short-Eared Owl, got lots of visitors of all sizes.

Kodie, the Northwest Crow kept everyone aware of his presence with his calls.  

Scarlett was showing of her namesake. Red-tailed Hawk.

Joan and the songbirds  were surrounded by kids.

Ruth is back presenting again.

By the way, it was -17°f when I left.

Thanks for having us Eagle River Nature Center.
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