Sunday, December 15, 2013

Petra's big move

I've written about Lisa and Petra many times on this blog, so I'll give you links to fill you in on some past stories. Lisa spent a lot of time traveling to the Bird TLC clinic to either feed Petra or take her back and forth to a presentation. Lisa decided it would be a lot easier if Petra lived at her house. After getting Bird TLC, USF&;W, and ADF&G approval, a new mew was being constructed in Lisa's backyard by her dad.

So now the mew is complete, it passed all inspections and is now on all permits. Today is moving day. The timing is right. Bird TLC signed a new lease at a new location today. We'll be moving there shortly and there's no room for Petra's old large mew.

Petra leaves her old mew for the last time. Prior to today, she would announce to anyone that would enter the mew yard that they are in her territory. She was the queen of the mew yard. That will be missed by all I'm sure. Petra has been very popular around Alaska also. She has meet many celebrities, politicians, and lots of people wanting to know more about eagles.

But now Petra starts a new page in her life. She's only lived with one other person, Leslie Lancaster, but she's lived at the Bird TLC clinic since 2006. She's' only had 4 presenters since she's been at Bird TLC. She was the queen of the mew yard, now she has a new yard to look over.

Petra knows something is up. Almost everyone whoever is involved with her daily are there at the same time. This is her kennel which she travels in. It's one of her safe places.

We packed her supplies and took everything along to help her new home feel like her home.

We arrived at Lisa's home and Petra jumped out of the kennel onto Lisa's glove. She knows there is something there and I believe she trust no one more then Lisa.

Petra sees her new home and is anxious to check it out. It's all shinny clean and even smells like a new mew.

Petra and Lisa enter the new mew so Petra can do her move in inspection.

Lisa tells Petra all about the lights, heated water dish and new AstroTurf on all the perches.

Petra acts like it'll do.
But as soon as Lisa fills up her water dish, she adds her seal of approval and takes a bath.
I'm excited for Lisa because this is a new page in her life also. Not many people are allowed to be a caretaker of a bald eagle in their backyard. But Lisa isn't just anyone. She's well trained and has lots of experience.
I'm also excited for Petra. She be well taken care of and Lisa will have more time to spend with her.
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Diann Stone said...

Way to go, Lisa! Congratulations to you and Petra. You both deserve this special caretaker relationship.

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Diann Stone