Thursday, March 13, 2014

Goodbye Gus

Bird TLC education bird 99-291, the Great Horned Owl named Gus passed away today. His age was guessed at 24. He came to Bird TLC in 1992 from Elmendorf AFB where he was suspected to have been hit by a car. His right wing had permanent damage but Gus still had a lot of fight left in him. He became an education bird, the first GHOW for Bird TLC in 1993. Gus had many presenters and caretakers over the years. He also saw thousands of people at his presentations over the years, teaching them about owls. His most recent caretaker was Gina Holloman. I know we all feel privileged to have had him in our lives. Fly high Gus! Our hearts might be sad today, but you made us happy for many.

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