Saturday, February 07, 2015

Hal the Bald Eagle gets new gear

The gear that our birds wear and our Education Handlers use is borrowed from the falconry world. Falconry has been around for centuries and some of the gear is the same now as back when. Well, Hal's caretaker / presenters decided it was time for him to update his gear.
Hal has worn what is called traditional jesses for about 25 years. When they wear, tear or dry out, he would get a new pair.
 They were pretty large and made of thick leather. They did their job but were not as presentable as newer anklets or aylimeri's. They don't look that comfortable for Hal also.
 So Wednesday, Hal had to have an annual exam and what better time to knock everything out. Above on his left foot you can see the new Alymeri attached, but still needs to be trimmed.
 Here Lisa is  checking the right one for fit.
 And while we were there he got his talons trimmed.
Here you see in a photo of Hal from last year, the thick leather traditional jesses.
I had to leave before they were done with Hal. I'll get an updated photo of him and his new bling. I did take him on a presentation last night, and he seemed much happier with the new gear and so was I.
If you want to know more about falconry equipment, check out The Modern Apprentice. Lydia Ash does an in depth website for falconry and its equipment.

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