Sunday, January 10, 2016

More Common Murres than we've ever seen

On the average, Bird TLC would only get a couple common murres a year. So far in 2016 they've taken in over 225. Most of these seabirds are being sent to TLC from interior Alaska. Some as far north as Fairbanks. They are starving and looking for food.
 If their weight is low, they are tube feed a special slurry to help fatten them up again. Some feedings are three times a day.
Their waterproofing is checked. If it's poor, they are bathed.
 They are monitored for progress. And once there are determined to be releasable, they are sent back to sea. We have no idea if we're making much of an impact. We hope we are making a difference. There are hundreds dead on the beaches of Whittier, Seward and other coastal towns across the northwest.
 These birds are stacked in the lobby of Bird TLC await release later in the day.
Volunteers are constructing a water tank with a landing for the murres. It'll be used for other seabirds also later on.
This has been a large task for Bird TLC and its dedicated volunteers. It has made a strain on the finances because of the large operation this is. So far, over 350 birds have been admitted. Sorry I don't have a release total for you at this time.
If you can help out as a volunteer, call the Bird TLC office at 907-351-4968 M- F 9 - 5. Don't be surprised if you have to leave a message and it mike take a little for your call to be returned. The staff is a little overwhelmed. Fell free to stop by 7800 King Street, not for a tour or information though.
If you would like to help financially, go to our website at and select from any of the donation buttons there.
If you're an Alaskan, please consider picking the Bird Treatment and Learning Center for Pick, Click & Give when you file for you PFD.
Your help is appreciated!
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