Monday, September 26, 2005

I and the Bird 7

Welcome to the seventh edition of "I and the Bird". You've caught me at my favorite cafe in Anchorage,Alaska. The Cafe' Del Mundo. The temperature is at max 60°, sunny with a little breeze. Fall is in full swing, leaves of all colors are now falling from their trees. Just the right kind of day to say the heck with work, I want my white chocolate mocha. I'm going to sit right here and read "I and the Bird" until the cafe closes.

Our first story is from John @ DCBirding. John lives in a city that's not in any state. It's a federal district, the heart of the U.S. Government. Full of historic buildings, massive museums and gorgeous parks. It's time to hug that mocha and read about his last Field Trip: U.S. National Aboretum.

Next we visit David of The Wanderling in the Show Me state of Missouri. He's in search of the evading pelagic after a heavy rain shower produced by Tropical Depression Rita. Storm-bird hunt keeps me on the edge of my chair.

Time for another mocha, but decaf this time, please. These stories are great and I don't want to read them at 90 mph.

Now we go to somewheres in the Midwest where Nuthatch writes bootstrap analysis."Give me juicy autumnal fruit, ripe and red from the orchard, " Walt Whitman wrote. He could have been speaking from the perspective of a migrating bird! Hurry up with my mocha. I want it before I read berries jubilee.

Again in the Midwest, everybodys favorite fly fishing woman at Science and Sarcasm, TroutGrrrl becomes the Accidental Birdist while looking through her window.

Tony Gallucci of milkriverblog sends us a piece by Ron Smith of The Nature Writers of Texas. That's right, you heard me talk of them last month. Ron tells us about his exploits with the evasive Popcorn Bird.

Don't leave your leather gloves laying around T. Beth's place Firefly Forest Blog in Tucson, AZ. There's no telling what the Gila Woodpeckers will leave you. Hey T, is the Triple T Truckstop still around? I always use to get a good cup of Joe there.

Now we go to Vegas where Mike of 10000 Birds is working hard (sure Mike, sure). Warming up to my mocha, I read where Mike's telling us he's waiting out a thunderstorm to tell us about the Desert In The Rain. What's that ol' roadrunner up to these days?

Let's change direction for a minute and go dancing up to Michigan with Cindy of Woodsong. As she dances to Marvin Gaye and takes pictures of moths, a barred owl pays a visit. I have a long sip of my mocha as I read So what'’s up with this ‘ Dances with Moths’ moniker?

Another decaf white chocolate mocha please. Got any carrot cake?

Our GrrlScientist is Living the Scientific Life in the Big Apple. As Hedwig the Owl is trying to make sense of this crazy world, I'm learning more about Hummingbirds and Torpor.

If you want to know more about binoculars, see Laura at birderblog. But if you want to have Laura tell you about an invasion of snowy owls go to The Owl and I.

Let's visit Jerry in Lebanon, NH at The Jer Zone. There's a little fellow there that needs a hand finding his wings. Have you seen them?

Our last stop in the lower 48 (outside as we say here) is with Jeff at Boreal Songbird Initiative Blog. Jeff is under the river Swimming in the Great Bird Current.

Pamela at Thomasburg Walks is a birder with enthusiam in Ontario, Canada. Obviously her eye sight is much better than mine. She's doing fine at picking out the warblers outside Kingston on a Breezy, birdy morning.

I feel that I have visited Arctic Bay and helped on the construction of the Kiggavik Bed and Breakfast. Clare of The House & other Arctic musings tells us about Northern Fulmars that will be there until Arctic Bay freezes, in about three weeks or so. Brrr, warm my mocha please.

Now were off to Gippsland, Australia where Duncan writes Ben Cruachan Blog. Duncan talks about trust between man and bird in Feathered Friends and the enjoyment one gets from it.

And now we're off to Korea with Charlie of Charlie's Bird Blog. Charlie is a lucky fellow who travels the word working for British Airways. He's going to tell you the best place he's ever been birding, Saemangeun. Where?

They're turning the lights out on me. I guess they want to close for the night and go home. We'll I'm going to finish this last mocha first and re-read one of my old favorites from the Bird TLC archives, I Got My Raven of Many Colors.

I hoped you enjoyed "I and the Bird 7" as much as I did putting it together. Version 8 will be at Science and Sarcasm. Send your best blog writing to TroutGrrrl or Mike @ 10000 Birds. Entry deadline 10/11.

Hey, can I get a mocha to go?

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TroutGrrrl said...

Great job Dave! I hope I can perform up to your standard...

Bora Zivkovic said...


BTW, the link to hummingbirds and torpor has two sets of 'http' so it does not work.

Cindy said...

well done Dave! the carrot cake sounds great too ;)

GrrlScientist said...

The correct link for my hummingbirds/torpor story is here.


Dave @ Around Alaska said...

I fixed the link to hummingbirds and torpor. If your not watching, sometimes blogspot doesn't delete it's auto http:// when you cut and paste.


Mike said...

I love it, Dave! However, you should look at some of the other links - Wanderling, Bootstrap, and others, as well as my e-mail address. They also have those extra characters.

Dave @ Around Alaska said...

The Wanderling and Bootstrap Analysis have been repaired also. http:// was in their links twice also. Funny how small but important little gliches slip by when your tired. Got plenty of sleep last night. All lnks should be good to go. Thanks all!