Thursday, July 27, 2006

Young Whipper Snapper

Not a great picture. We are keeping this eagle isolated to minimize imprinting. It came to us from Dutch Harbor, Alaska with a fractured left wing at the humerous.

Can you guess about what age this one is? Hints are, beak & eye color. Answer to come later.


robin andrea said...

I really have no idea how old this baby is, but what a beauty. S/he looks young. Would the broken humerous have occurred from a fall out of a nest?

Britt said...

I'm guessing 5-6 weeks as what I learned at the Raptor Center in Sitka last weekend is that they can be full grown by 7-10 weeks. I think it's incredible how fast they grow!

Cindy said...

geeze, I had to creat a blogger account just to post.. why don't you try 'spam karma', it works well with wordpress.. not sure about blogger though.
And it's def. a first year bird.. hope it heals well enough to return to the wild soon.

Dave @ Around Alaska said...

We're guessing 7-8 weeks old. His / her recovery is coming along well so far but we won't know how the bone is healing for another week or so.

Sorry Cindy. Got tired of the spam post. I'll check out spam karma and see if it works with blogger.