Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Update on Immature Seward Eagles

I was there when they herded one of the birds out of it's mew into another so they could clean it. It herded just fine kind of hopping along. It's foot looked as bad as last week. They were doing some foot soaking but stopped because the skin didn't look so well afterwards. They were applying medication in a jelly form to it though.

If this birds foot doesn't recover, under current U.S. Fish & Wildlife regulations the bird will have to be put down. Even though the bird could recover if the foot was amputated. Some things I don't agree with.

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Dave said...

This guy is looking better. However his foot is not. Dr Scott is hoping it falls off on it's own.

This guys brother who also was caught in the fishing line is at the Bird TLC flight center on Camp Carrol. (See story Army space used for bird rehab). Hopefully he gets his strength for flying and hunting and will be released soon.

We'll check back with both of them soon.