Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Eagle from Dutch Harbor

Mike from Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Dutch Harbor found this eagle on the ground. He sent him to us for further evaluation and care. Ruth and I picked him up at the airport last night about 10PM. Thanks go out to Penn Air & Alaska Airlines. We brought him to the Bird TLC clinic and bedded him down for the night.

He seems to have a break in his right wing. He must of been on the ground for a while because his tail feathers are all messed up. I'll follow up in a day or two after Dr. Scott has a chance to do a thorough exam.


Dave said...

This guy from Dutch Harbor is feeling bad. He has a break in his right carpal (wrist) and a fracture to his tail bone. He was pretty dirty from being on the ground so much. He also had a extra amount of lice and a little bumble foot.

He's been cleaned and sprayed for lice and his feet scrubed. He's being given plenty of food and rest. He can't be moved much so his tail bone will heal. We'll check back later.

Dave said...

Though this guy looks like an immature eagle, he's not. This is an older bird that is real dirty. The clinic won't wash him up too much. They don't want to stress the bird out.

Sunday's crew gives all the eagles a vitamin shot and a foot scrubing to either prevent bumble foot or to help cure it.