Monday, February 21, 2005

BE 05-08 Day 5

BE 05-08 is looking good considering. He's still being tube feed, given IV's and baytril. He's still not eating on his own or showing any interest in it yet. He will soon I'm sure. I know I would be tired of that tube being put down my neck by now.

We now have 7 bald eagles at Bird TLC recieving treatment. That's not including another 4 there for rehab and what's at the flight center. We've been busy!

Ruth & I pick up another one tonight at the airport. PenAir is flying in a bald eagle from Sand Point. Cindy will meet us at the clinic.

PenAir is footing the bill again. Thanks PenAir!


vlad259 said...

My fingers are firmly crossed for BE05-08 and BE05-01. Eight Bald Eagles already this year - you must be very busy!
Good luck with them all.

Dave said...

Actually Matt we're up to 12 as of late last night. Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed. We're so busy we're runnung our of indoor mews. I've been to the airport 3 times this week to pick up eagles, and I'm not the only one going there. A week and a half ago we were slow as all get out.