Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Here's what we got

Here's what we got at Bird TLC for bald eagles.

BE 04-27 - Came in last year from Valdez under weight and couldn't gain altitude. Was being picked on by other eagles. Non-releasable, but is being evaluated for permanent placement at another facility.

BE 05-01 - (Lead Bottom) - Our toxic poisoning eagle that now has suffered a stroke.

BE 05-04 - We think he flew into something. Blind in one eye and has a neck laceration. Wait and see.

BE 05-05 - Somehow got a left wing tendon injury. Needs plenty rest & relaxation (R&R). (me too!)

BE 05-06 - Immature bald eagle, with rt wing tendon damage, dislocation, and an open wound. R&R here also.

BE 05-08 - Our trap caught eagle. Missing digits, emaciated & dehydrated. Still not eating on own.

BE 05-09 - Immature bald eagle. Severe head trama. Presently blind and we think deaf. Blood has cleared out of one eye. Eats good when feed with forcep. We have to wait and see how he improves.

BE 05-10 - Came from Dutch Harbor, car hit. Possible fracture to lt wrist. Going in for x-rays today.

BE 05-11 - (Sparkie) Powerline electrocution. Eating and pooping well. We think it was a mild shock. R&R here also.

BE 05-12 - This one came in last night from Sand Point. Was thrown into something by high winds. Possible lt wing high fracture. Also has an eye deformity or old wound. Rt eye lid is fuzed closed. Going in for x-rays today.

All eagles recieve daily vitamin shots, clean mew, food (either salmon or moose or both) and water. Their feet are scrubed weekly to help prevent bumble foot and other infections.

Pictures of these birds have been added to the photo album to your right.

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