Thursday, February 24, 2005

More updates

Here's a more up to date status on the eagles.

BE 05-01 - Stopped tube feeding due to regurgetation. Tong feed salmon, salmon slurry or baby food / pedialyte. As much as he will eat. He does eat it on his own.

BE 05-06 - Biggest hold back is her tendon damage. R&R.

BE 05-10 - Multiple fx to left wing. Radus is intact. Wrap is holding break in place.

BE 05-11 - Not eating on his own. Rt wing is drooping but no damage to it.

BE 05-12 - Passed away. Very sad, was a beautiful bird.

Ruth and I go to the airport again tonight to pick up a bald eagle coming in from Kodiak with a possible broken wing. Will update later.


Dave said...

Last nights eagle (BE 05-14) came in from Kodiak, Alaska. He looks like he flew into something hard. His wrist were tender to touch, no breaks noticable without x-ray. Didn't eat or drink but wasn't dehydrated and his keel was only a little sharp.

Dave said...

Dave must of been tired. That eagle was logged in as BE 05-13.