Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Dave, what's this?

A new found friend to Bird TLC and myself, Sue Murphy, sent this picture to me via email with the above title. Sue said the picture was taken just north of Knik Goose Bay Road mile 16 ...that's just before KGB crosses fish creek. It was taken by Rick Harvey.

Sue wanted to know what it was. I sent her the answer, but I was wondering who else could identify this feathered friend. Leave me a comment with your answer.

Thanks for the picture Sue & Rick.


John said...

It looks like a goshawk to me. Now that is one bird I would like to see. We don't really get those here except at the hawk watches.

Cindy said...

if my reply is correct do I win a prize? say.. a can of locally canned smoked salmon? LOL

although the image is dark & I can't really see a good view of a superciliary, the irregular tailbanding with lighter highlights on the upper tail, pointed wingtips.. and just the general 'gizz' says Northern Goshawk, or gray ghost as we call them at home.

Mike said...

I've got to agree with John and Cindy. The tail says goshawk.

Dave said...

Good job folks. By the picture, I estimate this bird to be approx a year old. It's starting to show significant change of color.

I think if this goshawk was shown in flight, it would be harder to tell if it was a buteo or accipitier because of it's juvenile plumage.

Right now at Bird TLC we have one Northern Goshawk in the education program. She's being presented by two volunteers, Ron LaFord and my main squeeze (and only squeeze) Ruth. Ruth just came back from a trip to Prudoe Bay with Gos. Pictures and story to come soon.