Saturday, June 17, 2006

Baby Bald Eagle update

I recieved an email from Cindy Palmatier, Rehab Director and it says;

"The baby eagle is being replaced in a nest this weekend per USFW preferences. Tim Sell is doing the climbing, and he took the bird with him last night so when he finds the 'right' nest, he's ready to go."


robin andrea said...

That is such interesting news, Dave. I wondered if the eagle could be returned to the nest. What an amazing job, finding the right nest and getting that baby back into it. I'd love to tag along on that journey.

Duncan said...

Dave, I wonder if there are any other young in the nest, and if there are, what will be their reaction to this one being returned. I don't know about Bald Eagles, but it's a very competitive situation with some species over here, and many young are killed by their siblings.

Britt said...

I thought a bird could not be put back into a nest after being touched by humans . . . or is that a myth?

Dave said...

Britt - That is a myth. Most birds don't have a good sense of smell, and it's a good thing. Most bald eagles smell of fish.

Duncan - I haven't rec'd an update from USF&W or Cindy yet but I will pass it on when I do.

Robin - I wish I could tag along also.

Britt said...

I'm glad that's a myth! Makes it much more easier to put a baby bird back into the wild to grow up with surrogate parents. :)