Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Big Boys Toys

Some person (and I use that word loosely) dropped a large truck load of straw on our property about a week ago. Too lazy to take it to the city dump and pay $10 I guess. It doesn't matter where you live, you always have these type of people.

But later on I run into some really nice people. I call the Anchorage Fire Department (AFD) to get a burn permit. (I don't have a truck big enough to take this stuff to the dump). I get help right away. They email me the burn permit application link. When I get home I fill it out and it's approved right away.

There's one draw back. I have to have a source of pressurized water. There's no water source on the property. AFD says they will dispatch a water truck if one is available when I burn. Kewl people, but one wasn't available today.

So I called on a customer / friend at Airport Equipment Rentals. Here's the conversation "Hi guys! How's the wife? How's things? I need a water truck. What for? I need a pressurized water source for a controlled burn at the Bird TLC property. OK! No charge!"

During an extended lunch ( 1 1/2 hours) I burned the hay and then washed down the area to make sure the fire was out. I also got to play with a neat big toy. Thanks go out for the help from AFD and Airport Equipment Rentals. Kewl people!


Britt said...

Hey Dave, Sounds like you had fun today. Just don't add too much water to the TLC site or the property may end up falling off the bluff! It's great you have contacts, like Airport Equipment, that support you in your efforts for TLC. :)

Dave said...

I did Britt. I would have rather spent it doing other TLC work. It is great that we have good supporters like AER and it's employee's.

Susan Gets Native said...

Heck yeah!
It's nice to know the right people, eh?

Dave said...

It makes you feel good when things turn out for the good like that Susan. Especially when people like AER and AFD are involved.