Friday, September 15, 2006

With Cindy's help, I can still pick up girls


The other week Cindy Palmatier and I went out to the flight center (We made a few eagles mad today). We were hearding through the eagles out there looking for females. This you don't really know until you DNA test. Cindy and I have been around a few eagles and can kind of tell their sex by eyeballing them (guessing) and comparing their size to the others (females are larger than males). We picked out two we thought were female, pulled a few blood feathers from their chest and sent them off to the lab.

Guess what. They were both females. I can still pick up girls (with feathers) with Cindy's help and my wife Ruthie knew about it too. The only thing this guy has lost is his mind.


LauraHinNJ said...

Hey - whatever works for ya!


Are other centers looking for females to start a breeding program, I guess?

Duncan said...

Just don't go trying to get fresh with 'em Dave, wouldn't care to give one of those gals a kiss. ;)

Dave said...

Laura - yes another center was looking for a female only to mate.

Duncan - talk about a peck on the lips, youch!

Susan Gets Native said...

Hubba hubba, Dave!