Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Joan Harris @ Tidal Wave Books

Our Friend Joan Harris will be at Tidal Wave Books tomorrow night at 7:30PM signing her book (and our favorite) "One Wing's Gift". Mary Bethe Wright will also be doing a golden eagle presentation

Bye-Bye Birdie, Saturday 11-4PM at the Bird TLC Property (Old Rabbit Hutch) on Old Seward Hwy.


LauraHinNJ said...

Thanks for the links to previous posts about One Wing - what a story!

You said that amputation isn't allowed anymore - why is that? Are you to put the birds down, even if they can be used for education?

That poem by the vet was something wonderful - thanks for sharing it.

Dave said...

Those are 2 amazing eagles Laura. It's not allowed to amputate past the elbow on most birds now. They are to be put down. It's not a rule I agree with but won't argue either.