Saturday, September 23, 2006

Today is Bye-Bye Birdie

Today is the day we have been preparing for since June. Today at the Bird TLC property on Old Seward Hwy, overlooking Potter Marsh, we'll be celebrating the begining of a long journey for many birds. "Bye-Bye Birdie" we call it.

For starters, we will be having walk by programs with our education birds. An informal presentation where several are being presented at a time. Once you've heard enough about one, you move on to the next.

We have 3 different bands through out the day with all kinds of bird friendly music. We'll have games for the kids and kids at heart. There will also be bird watching tours around Potters Marsh with scopes available if you don't have one.

We'll have formal presentations of "Those Crazy Corvids". Magpies, Ravens and Crows of course. Then we have "The Small and mighty". The overlooked birds of prey. And then "The Big Boys of the Sky". That's the eagles of course. There will be question periods at the end of each presentation.

There will food and drink available all day and ample parking too.

At the 3:30 is the big event. We will be releasing a rehabilitated eagle back into the wild. A success story. Last year we had a 50% plus release at Bird TLC. This year we are trying to keep that fantastic success going.

If your in the Anchorage area, come join us from 11-4 today at 15500 Old Seward Hwy and join us in saying Bye-Bye Birdie.


Duncan said...

Sounds great Dave, with you in spirit.

Susan Gets Native said...

I wish Alaska was closer to Ohio! That sounds like a cool day.
When our new facility is up and running, we hope to have lots of public displays. Our permits now state that we can't expose the birds to much human contact. Our new permits will allow public tours, etc. Can't wait!
Hope your day was great!

LauraHinNJ said...

Sounds like a great day - let us know how it went!

Dave said...

Duncan - Thanks for the support!

Susan - Your place sounds so much like ours. We don't have our own facility yet either and can't provide tours. We must also go out into the public. We did have a great day.

Laura - it went great and we're all pooped out. We'll sleep good tonight.