Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Alaska Day

Today is Alaska Day. The territory was officially handed over to the U.S. from Russia and the American Flag was raised in Sitka in 1867. See what people who don't live in Alaska, think of Alaska with this link.

My daughter Cassie use to joke that Alaska was an island off of the coast of Mexico because that's where it's placed out of convenience for the map makers. Google United States map and you'll see that or no Alaska or Hawaii at all.

It's raining hard today, so it's another down day for mew construction.


LauraHinNJ said...

So... what's your opinion on ANWR? Surprised to see that according to this poll most Alaskans are for drilling in the artic. Why is that?

LauraHinNJ said...


Sorry I'm such a poor speller - I type too fast.

Susan Gets Native said...

I may be way off on my ideas of Alaska, but all of my opinions are positive. It seems to have beautiful areas and not so beautiful areas, just like any other piece of the world.
My dad and a friend of his went there in the late 60's, and he talked about that trip the rest of his life. He always had plans to go back, but his life was shorter than his dreams.

Dave said...

Laura - I would love to talk ANWR with you, but I can't here. I'm not allowed to talk politics. The article does say most Alaskan are for ANWR drilling though.

Susan - Most people who have visited want to come back. I have traveled the world and this is where I made home.

LauraHinNJ said...

Okay, sorry! I forgot this isn't your personal blog. ;-)

Most people I know seem to go to Alaska on a cruise - don't guess you get to experience very much that way.

Everything I know about Alaska I read in Jack London and Jean Craighead George stories, which probably leaves with a fairly romantic vision of the place.

Dave said...

No prob Laura. Alaska is very romantic. The male to female ratio is now even. Cruises cover a lot of the costal areas and small port towns. Being as big a state as it is, there's a lot to cover, and it's hard to do in a week or so.