Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Say goodbye to Ol' Fart

This fellow has been with us for about a year. He came to us not flying, eating or really caring. After spending time with us, getting the best care possible, we determined he was just old. He would eat the salmon we gave him, talk to you each time you stopped at his mew, and patiently wait until you fed or watered him again. In other words, he was looking for a retirement home.

Unfortunately, Bird TLC can't do that. We don't have funds for long term caretaking and USF&W also says that they must make rehab progress, go to an education program, be released or be put down. This Ol' guy was just too cool for anything bad. So Cindy put him on the available for an education program list. Who answered the call for a home for an old eagle nicknamed Ol' Fart? Zoo to You of California. We have placed an eagle there before. They have great facilities, a great education program and warm weather. Sounds like it right up Ol' Farts alley.

Enjoy Ol' Fart!


LauraHinNJ said...

He deserves a peaceful retirement and all the salmon he can eat, but don't they all.

Thanks for sharing a success story - and for caring for him in his old age!

Dave said...

I agree Laura. He deserves it all.

robin andrea said...

I love this story. A good life for an old bird. Retirement in California. Sweet.

Duncan said...

Good one Dave, he looks like an old timer. a great outcome for him.