Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Somedays you catch the train

Last week we had an eagle brought in by a railroad roadmaster. The eagle now known as "Train Wreck" was ran over by one of Alaska Railroad's trains. It was a very fortunate eagle, it's only injury besides being roughed up was he lost a toe. It didn't eat for a day or two, but who could blame it.

We don't know exactly why it didn't out fly the train. We guess that it was eating track kill and ate too much and couldn't take off.

Yesterday, Dr Palmatier helped to pretty that digit up. He pulled some excess skin over the stump and sewed it up.

When this eagle is released, those talons will still be impressive, minus one.


Duncan said...

That's one lucky bird, Dave.

LauraHinNJ said...

Jeesh Dave - eagles get into an awful lot of trouble! Glad it wasn't more seriously injured.

Susan Gets Native said...

That toe looks pretty good. That doc did a good job.
Just how many eagles do you guys get a year?

Clare said...

Hmm. Was he singing that old song...

"One toe over the line sweet Jesus,
One toe over the line.
Sittin' downtown at the railway station
One toe over the line."

robin andrea said...

Those birds do get into a lot of trouble, don't they? Interesting how they'll eat too much, and become unable to fly. They must start out awfully hungry to go overboard like that.

Dave said...

Duncan - boy was it.

Laura - it could have been a lot worse. The train ran over it, it was between the rails.

Susan - Dr Todd Palmatier is one of the best. We get about 50 eagles a year.

Clare - I love it!!!

Robin - They eat like Dave on Thanksgiving Day or when I visit my Mom back east.