Sunday, March 18, 2007

More Open House pic's

A good friend of Bird TLC's and mine, Britt Coon took some pictures at the Bird TLC Open House last week. Between work and other things, we're just now able to get them available to you. Check out the Bird TLC Gallery at her website.

She took some really good shots of my first time out with Ghost, the Snowy Owl that I work with. Ghost decided to bait and Britt caught most of the recovery. I told her it helped me pick out some of my mistakes. If you can't tell, it was a little cold that day.

While your at her website, look around. She has lots of shots of the Iditarod and Fur Rondy Sled Dog Races along with some wildlife and around Anchorage shots. Though she doesn't admit it, she has a good eye and is very talented.


LauraHinNJ said...

You look very happy, even when Ghost is trying to bite you!

Beautiful pics - thanks for sharing.

Susan Gets Native said...

Ghost is just such a beautiful bird. I am so jealous.

I've noticed that you all hold the birds very very close. I'm sure that it makes it easier to hold larger birds, but don't you worry about your face????
There's only one bird at our place that I would consider snuggling with...and she's a screech owl!

Dave said...

Laura - he's not trying to bite me, but he's not happy with something.

Susan - He is a beauty. No, I have his jesses held to where he really can't get to my face.

Susan Gets Native said...

Well, that's good...your blog would have some nasty pics, otherwise, huh?

Dave said...

I doubt he could do much cosmetic damage. :)