Friday, March 23, 2007

Van full of eagles

Sorry I've been a little light on posting lately. Between my real job and other projects I've had my hands full. I have some great stories coming up, one about a Golden Eagle we just got in, and another about a Bald Eagle with a frozen wing. I'll get them posted this weekend hopefully.

Wednesday night Ruth and I took 3 non-releasable Bald Eagles to the airport to be shipped to Busch Gardens in Wiliamsburg, VA. They delevoped a preserve there for non-releaseable Eagles and we've sent 4 so far. Remember Ol' Fart? We sent him there also.

The mini-van was just the right size. If any shipping kennel was just a little larger it wouldn't have worked out.

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robin andrea said...

Isn't it great that non-releasable eagles have a good home to retire to? That's wonderful news. I'm looking forward to your Golden Eagle pics. I've never seen one (yet!).