Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sunday Eagle Release

On Sunday we had an immature Bald Eagle release at the Bird TLC property near Potters Marsh. BE 07-04 came to us at the end of January this year with sour crop. After a few months of R&R, good food and care, it was ready to be released.

When we had the "Benefit for the Birds" Auction back in March, we auctioned off the thrill of doing an eagle release. You just don't know when it will be because you don't know when a bird is available. Besides being exciting and a once in a lifetime opportunity, the funds raised helps Bird TLC to keep it's doors open. Last year, Bird TLC took in 51 eagles and over 700 other types of wild birds. We have a 55% release rate, which means we release over half of the birds we take in.

With great supporters like our eagle releasers, we are able to give the quality care these injured, sick and orphaned birds need.

Thanks to Gina Holloman for the pictures.


LauraHinNJ said...

Kudos to you!

Where can I send my check to support all that you do?


What's *sour crop*?

Dave said...

Laura - You're a sweetheart! I'll email you the address.

As you know, eagles don't have stomachs. They have a crop. They eat too much and it won't allow the food to digest. So basicly it turns sour and makes them very ill.

LauraHinNJ said...

Thanks, Dave. Got your email.