Friday, June 22, 2007

What's going on in the neighborhood

Anchorage is feeling the affects of wildfire. This morning, the city awoke to a smoky haze that turned the air an amber color. The smoke blew in from the massive fire on the Kenai Peninsula. And amber-colored air isn't the best to breathe, so the city health department issued a health advisory for Anchorage residents. Check out story on KTUU Channel 2. We can use some rain. Photo borrowed from Mike Nederbrock/KTUU-TV .

Ghost is doing awesome. He has been doing his mating calls for the past 2 months. He usually starts about 4:30 AM. The neighbors haven't complained. He's in a full molt right now also. I'm picking up feathers everyday. He's been doing a lot of presentations and he does a great job too. He loves an audience. He has also casted a pellet at 3 presentations now to the surprise of the audience. He doesn't know what all the fuss is about. July should be an easy month for him.

Baby Junco's and baby Magpie's are everywhere. No, we aren't throwing them away. Even though there's lots of noisey construction going on, they are all around.


robin andrea said...

Great to see Ghost. I wish I could hear his mating calls. I may google around to see if there are any mp3s online.

Sorry to be so dense, but what does it mean when you say he casted a pellet at three presentations. Is "casting a pellet" a euphemism for something?

Hope the smoke clears.

Dave said...

Robin - His mating calls remind me of and old beagal bark. Deep deep whooo.

Casting a pellet is the politcally correct way of saying he pukes. His stomach muscles can't digest bones, hair and feathers. So about once a day he cast them up in pellet form. Their digestive system won't allow it to go out the other way. The pellets are a big hit with kids in around 6th grade here in Anchorage. They disect the pellets after they have been sterilized for skeletons.

I inspect his pellets and mewts about once a week. This tells me how his health is doing without sending off test to the lab. If there's something different about the pellet or his mewts are a strange color, I need to talk it over with Cindy our Rehab Director. Chances are we would run those test. Right now, Ghost is in perfect health, just molting.