Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yellow Legs

A pair of Yellow Legs are at the clinic right now. They are not releasable and will probably be placed at the Seattle Aquarium. In the mean time they are tortured with daily foot massages.

This is what a mew with no roof, walls or floor looks like. Today was a beautiful day to tear down a mew, it was about 65°f. The whole time I was supervised by Ghost while he soaked up some rays on a perch in the backyard of Bird TLC.


John said...

When I was in Seattle I remember seeing some shorebirds and alcids at the aquarium. I like seeing the birds up close. It's amazing how small they look.

Susan Gets Native said...

"Come on, Dave! Can't you work a little faster? I'm hungry over here!"

Dave said...

John - they are small and run real fast.

Susan - Ghost the mice eating machine.