Sunday, September 02, 2007

#1 is Done

Alex Katzenson from BSA Troop 230 was able to raise the funds to purchase the materials and build Bird TLC a much needed new mew #1. With his crew that he assembled he started and completed construction in 5 days.

Alex had several challenges to work with.

One is at Bird TLC we have a requirement that the mew must be assembled so it could be un-assembled in sections in a short period of time. If there is another major oil spill, Bird TLC must evacuate the premises within 48 hours. He also must build to USF&W requirements.

Two was he must raise all funds himself. Bird TLC has no money in the budget for new mew construction. All wood must be treated wood.

Three was that the north and east wall must be solid walls.

Four was that the door must face the center of the mew yard.

Five was the roof must be slanted for snow run off.

I must say he did a heck of a job. The first bird to use it won't know how lucky it is to have a brand new mew to recuperate in.

Good job Alex!


Susan Gets Native said...

That's a very pretty mew, Dave!
They look so nice when they are new, huh?
I am soon to be taught the fine art of mew building, as we are moving "my" birds to our new facility soon. I think the plan is to move the existing mews over for the rehab birds (since the public won't be seeing them) and building a whole new set-up for the Ed. birds, which will be viewable to tours, field trips, etc.
We have thought about using Eagle Scouts for things like a new gate, etc, and I bet we could get one to make a mew or two!

Dave said...

Susan - Wow, you guys have your hands full. Buy me a plane ticket and I'll come help. :)