Monday, June 30, 2008

Arctic Thunder 2008

As usual, Arctic Thunder 2008 was the event of the season. Wynnona Judd performed a free concert saluting our military on Friday. Saturday and Sunday was full of air shows by the Thunderbirds and others and all kinds of events. And yes, Bird TLC was there also. The crowd was estimated at 175,000. That's half the population of Anchorage and 1/4 the population of the whole state.

The crowd was fantastic. From the kids to the big kids we were asked all kinds of questions and had a zillion pictures taken. We got plenty of PR coverage for sure.

I like it when a Bald Eagle or a Snowy Owl draws more attention then an old F16, F22 or F15. But then, I know why they do.

Thanks for the people at Elmendorf AFB for having us. The hospitality was top notch as usual.

Ghost would like to thank Corey for taking the first 2 pictures.


Meggie said...

Great pics, Dave! Glad you got lots of good folks deserve it. Perhaps it will generate more revenue??

Shellmo said...

Yea for more PR - hope it brings in lots of donations! Besides the eagle photos - I really can't get enough of the snowy owl...really want to see one!