Friday, June 27, 2008

One out, one in

BE 08-42 was released today at Bird Point. He was ready to go even though he was only with us about 2 months. He ate something toxic and it had him down, but he's back to full bald eagle status now.

Ruth and I picked up BE 08-62 from Soldovia, AK tonight at the airport. More of an update on her later.


Susan Gets Native said...

That's how it goes, huh? You release one, five are ready to take their place.
I saw the picture on the side bar with Megan training with a many accipiters do you do programs with? We don't use ANY. Are goshawks more mellow than other accipiters? Or does it depend on an individual bird?

Dave said...

Susan - That does seem to be the way. We have had 62 eagles so far this year. Other types of birds we're at around 270.

Just one, the Goshawk. They are high strung. Many places advise against using them. I'm also training with Gos. She's a lot of fun.

I do change that picture every Sunday. I've also added a link to my new SmugMug album. It's being updated as we speak. SmugMug donated the space.

Britt said...

Wish I could have been there. Glad it was a great release. :)

Dave said...

Britt - Thanks!. We have a lot more releases left to do.