Friday, June 20, 2008

Check out the TLC property

From a dump to a nice place to have an event. Cindy and Greg put together a plan and now our piece of property formerly known as "The Rabbit Hutch" is a very attractive piece.

Greg got Chuck from Chucks Backhoe to level the property, place jersey barriers all around the road right aways, had the lot hydro seeded and used recycled asphalt for the parking area. Now the property is secure from derelict vehicles and people using it a a dump.

The Grand Opening of Potter Marsh is on July 26th and people won't see the TLC property as the eyesore of the neighborhood.

Our first event there will be an early Bye-Bye Birdie. In August, we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary and we'll be spreading One Wing's ashes around the property.

We will have Alaskan Native drummers and dancers helping us to send One Wings spirit to the skies and he'll always be a part of The Bird TLC property. The Alaska Zoo will be bring their Education Birds to be presented along with ours. U.S.F.&W. and A.D.F.&G. will be participating also. We are inviting all Bird TLC supporters, past and present.

It's exciting seeing things finally moving along with the property. Thanks Cindy, Greg and Chuck. It's a beautiful job well done.

That's Chuck in his office.

Check out more of my pictures. Click on the link below.



Meggie said...

The place is looking good! What a fitting tribute to One have his ashes spread on the property. I wish I lived closer to attend the event and see the drummers and dancers. Have a good weekend, Dave.

Susan Gets Native said...


Duncan said...

I second Meggie's comment!

Dave said...

Thanks Meggie and Duncan!

Suzan - It's just the begining. :)

Meggie said...

Is this a new header? I didn't notice it last time I commented. It looks great!

Dave said...

Meggie - yes it is. Britt took this shot at the release we did on EAFB a few weeks back. Thanks!

Shellmo said...

Heard about your flood today when I called in to donate. (For some reason I keep messing up on paypal.) I hope everything gets back to normal soon. Enjoy your blog very much - a great cause!!

Dave said...

Shelly - I don't know if we will ever be normal. :) Thanks for your support. Trust me, it is appreciated.

Britt said...

I saw the property last week. It looks AWESOME!!! The improvements are great! :)

Dave said...

Britt - Thanks! Greg is making sure a fine job is being done out there. There's still some work left to do. Welcome back stranger!