Monday, June 16, 2008

We've become Foster Baby Bird Mom & Dad

That's just on the weekends. We're on the call list at Pet Emergency Treatment. Every year PET takes in dozens of baby birds that have been orphaned in many different ways. There's no cost to the finder or TLC. You can even donate to TLC at PET when you drop the birds off. They are wonderful folks.

They call us on the weekends. We pick the birds up at PET and then we take them into the day crew at Bird TLC. When we get there, we fix the birds a nest, get them fed and then we find them a permanent Baby Bird Mom or Dad.

If it's later in the day, we take them home and Ruth care takes them until the next day. On Fathers Day my son Ryan and his girlfriend Eryn took us out to dinner. The birds went with us. They stayed in the truck and Ruth went out every 45 minutes to feed them.

So far for the past 2 weekends, we've picked up 14 ducks, 1 goose, 6 chickadees, 2 juncos, 2 robins and 3 seagulls.


WoodSong said...

sure enjoyed catching up on the tlc happenings my friend.. the photos tell the stories so well.. have visited often but forgot google info, hope i dont forget again ;)

Meggie said...

On behalf of feathered friends everywhere, thanks to you and Ruth!

Susan Gets Native said...

What the heck is that thing in the first picture? Looks like the bottom of a horse's hoof.

Dave said...

Cindy - Great hearing from you old friend. Don't stay away soooo long. :)

Meggie - You and your feather friends are welcome.

Susan - That's the tree branch that they were nested in. We took the whole log to the clinic. :)