Monday, July 27, 2009

Minus the jewelry

Last month, BE 09-15 came to us wearing some fishing tackle in his tongue and wing from the Kenai NWR. He wasn't a happy fisherman and was also getting pretty skinny. He got lots of fresh salmon to get his weight back up along with some antibiotics.

Sunday I took him out to the flight center. Here he'll get his flight strength back. He'll get fed plenty of salmon, but he'll have to compete with 3 other eagles for it. He'll also get to socialize some too. Once he has proven himself, he'll be released. That will probably happen before this winter. Here's hoping he's learned his lesson.

He'll be stay with 3 other eagles that are waiting for release this summer / fall also. All are in the process of proving themselves, getting stronger and waiting for the right time.

While I was at the flight center, I also fed and watered the residents. The whole time I had the feeling I was being watched. We have a mature bald that comes to visit, generally around feeding time. He'll land on the metal roof with a bang and let out a call. We don't know if he's a previous resident or not, but he sure eyes the salmon set out for the resident eagles.

We had a Common Loon sent to us from the bush that was hit by a car. No breaks, but some good bruising. I think it won't be long before it's released.

The clinic has been busy this summer.


Sharron Montgomery-Tella said...

That loon is gorgeous! Usually when we see them down here they are dying and it is so depressing. Such a haunting song they have. Good posting Dave. Always enjoy the eagle stories.

Dave said...

Sharron - It is a gorgeous bird. Some birds we don't get to see at their best either. Thanks for your support!