Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The price of mice and rats is the same

But the price of shipping has gone up and it has gone up a lot. Next year Northwest Air Cargo won't be servicing Anchorage, so our supplier will have to find another shipper from Minnesota to Anchorage. I'm sure that shipping will go up even more. So the cost of feeding raptors will go up to.

Electricity has gone up, gas has gone up and just about everything else has also. The amount of donations have gone down though and the amount being donated is less also. The economy effects us all, but there are some that can't help it.

One of out motto's is "Because wild birds don't have medical insurance". We take them all. We try until they are ready to leave or there's no chance, but we try. And it doesn't come cheep.

We're always trying to improve the quality of care they receive also. Repairing mews, buying medicine and supplies that we can't get donated. It goes on and on.

Want to help out? There are many ways. You can donate online or send a check. Click here for that.

A new program we have is "Sponsor a Bird". You can sponsor a bird in our rehabilitation clinic. From eagles to pine siskins, we have a program for them. Check out our sponsor page by clicking here. You have the option of donating once or monthly for as little as $25 to $1200 a year.

In return you get access to a subscription to our quarterly newsletter Flight Feather, access to a special species page telling you about the species your sponsoring, access to Rehab Round up ( a letter from Cindy talking about the birds in the clinic), access to a special kids page, a photo of a bird in rehab for the level you picked, and the undying gratitude from our feather friends who need a helping hand.

So if you can, check out the links and make a donation today. If you can't make a donation, please share this post with your friends, maybe they can. Every dollar makes a difference. Right now we have a full clinic and your donation can go right to work. We are a 501(c)3, so it can help on the taxes.

Here's those links again,

One time donation

Sponsor a Bird


Susan Gets Native said...

We are feeling the pinch, too. Though we don't have to worry about shipping costs (we send volunteers to Michigan every three months to do the rodent runs), the facility that donates the mice and rats has cut their staff by half and their breeding colonies by half. We are getting less and less...and donations are down. But strangely, my presentations are up. WAY up. It will be interesting to see how the trends work out.

We have to buy quail and day-old chicks for my Lucy and for the rest of the Ed. birds (and the rehab Coops and Sharpies,etc) and I think the prices for those are going up too. Dammit.

Dave said...

We don't have a place to donate us mice or rats in state. Most places outside that donate their lab rodents aren't set up to ship them. Also, shipping to Alaska can be expensive. Caretakers that have Ed Birds that live with them (like Ghost & I), pay their own food bill. Those with eagles catch a break because salmon is readily available. That also cuts the TLC clinic a huge break.

Our Ed Presentation count is down. A lot are done at schools whos budget is tight and some are based on tourist, which their count is down.

Things are a little rough. Hang in there Susan. I'm a big fan of Raptor Inc.