Saturday, April 26, 2014

Petra, one of Bird TLC's education eagles, lays an egg

Petra came to Bird TLC in 1995 after being found in a leg hold trap. It was determined that she was non-releasable because of a permanent shoulder injury and she was placed in the education program soon after. Leslie Lancaster became her caretaker until her tragic death in a auto accident on December 4, 2006. Prior to that date, we don't know if she's every laid an egg before.
Petra came back to live at the old Bird TLC clinic on Nielson Way. Eventually she would move into a very large mew formerly occupied by One Wing and Ol' Witch until they passed away. From then on Petra was in charge of the mew yard. She always offered her opinion and it was always heard.
In December 2013, Bird TLC had to move from the Nielson Way location when the building was sold. Knowing that we'd be moving to a smaller location, Lisa and her dad Mike, built Petra a very nice mew in Lisa's backyard. (See Petra's big move.) On 12/15/2013, Petra moved in and you could tell it was meant to be. Lisa is an awesome caretaker, besides presenter, and you can tell Petra approved..
The other day, I got an excited text message "Petra's first egg!!!!!! along with a photo. At first Lisa thought I had played a joke on her. A couple of Easters ago, I put a large pink and sparkly egg in Petra's mew on Easter. This time I had nothing to do with it, it was all Petra.
We guess that she has become comfortable with her new home. Also, she is living in a more quiet area. So, mother nature and Petra took their course. Now, it's not fertile. Petra doesn't have a partner. So there won't be any little eagle feet scouring around.  Even though, this is exciting news for all of us involved with Petra.

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