Saturday, July 05, 2014

Eagle release and presentation at McKinley Princess Lodge

Be 14-22 was selected for release on July 4th, so he inherited the name Indy. Rightfully so because it is our Independence Day and his too.
 And from the start, Indy was ready for his Independence Day.
Indy celebrated with a picture perfect release and a short fly by of the crowd. The temperatures we in the low 80°s, but there were several hundred there viewing the release.
Indy had a few feathers missing, a few new ones coming in. This wasn't stopping him from  his independence.
Afterwards Terri and Hal did a presentation for the crowd. There were hundreds in the Great Room from all over the world.
Thanks McKinley Princess Lodge for your awesome support of Bird TLC and thanks to the very warm and generous crowd.

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