Monday, February 28, 2005

Another Trap Bird

Another trap bird (BE 05-15) was brought in by USF&W this afternoon. They found him very shortly after he got caught. One foot had some abrasions, his left wing had some abrasions, his right wing has a possible fracture. Tomorrow he goes in for x-rays.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

We have a new Exec Director

The Bird Treatment and Learning Center hired Rachel Morse as executive director. Rachel has a master's in forestry and natural resources management and five years experience with Alaska nonprofits.

I meet with Rachel over coffee last Wednesday (dah, took no picture) and we discused the computer side of Bird TLC. She got my opinion of "we have the best computers next to nothing". So one of her first projects (of many) is to get Bird TLC into the 21st century. We'll develope a technology program and go after grants to make that program happen. Aquire new pc's, have them networked, a webcam maybe, DSL, a members only access area in the website and much more. She's a modern woman and visions Bird TLC being a more modern organization. She seemed very motivated with lots of ideas and wanting constructive feedback on what the organization needs or doesn't need anymore.

I look forward to working with Rachel and I also looking forward to what she'll do for the Bird Treatment and Learning Center.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Good News & Not So Good News

While we are thinking in the back of our minds about how long we are going to treat BE 05-01 (Lead Bottom) or is it time to let him go to rest in the big nest in the sky, all along he has other plans. Cindy went to work this morning wondering if she was going to have to make a decission that she or anyone else doesn't want to make. She walks down the indoor mews and there is Lead Bottom standing on his two feet looking back at her. After having his stroke he wasn't standing on his own, but he never gave up the fight. He ate when assisted and drank when assisted. He still needs help there, but being on his feet on his own is a giant step. Continue keeping your feathers crossed, it's working.

On the Bad News side, BE 05-08 was found dead in his mew this morning. This gorgous bird was unable to overcome being caught in a trap without food or water for what we figure was a week. He was too far gone once he got to Bird TLC and all of the IV's and tube feeding only helped him hold on for a short while. I'll miss this brave bird and hope he's in a better place now. He deserves it.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

More updates

Here's a more up to date status on the eagles.

BE 05-01 - Stopped tube feeding due to regurgetation. Tong feed salmon, salmon slurry or baby food / pedialyte. As much as he will eat. He does eat it on his own.

BE 05-06 - Biggest hold back is her tendon damage. R&R.

BE 05-10 - Multiple fx to left wing. Radus is intact. Wrap is holding break in place.

BE 05-11 - Not eating on his own. Rt wing is drooping but no damage to it.

BE 05-12 - Passed away. Very sad, was a beautiful bird.

Ruth and I go to the airport again tonight to pick up a bald eagle coming in from Kodiak with a possible broken wing. Will update later.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Here's what we got

Here's what we got at Bird TLC for bald eagles.

BE 04-27 - Came in last year from Valdez under weight and couldn't gain altitude. Was being picked on by other eagles. Non-releasable, but is being evaluated for permanent placement at another facility.

BE 05-01 - (Lead Bottom) - Our toxic poisoning eagle that now has suffered a stroke.

BE 05-04 - We think he flew into something. Blind in one eye and has a neck laceration. Wait and see.

BE 05-05 - Somehow got a left wing tendon injury. Needs plenty rest & relaxation (R&R). (me too!)

BE 05-06 - Immature bald eagle, with rt wing tendon damage, dislocation, and an open wound. R&R here also.

BE 05-08 - Our trap caught eagle. Missing digits, emaciated & dehydrated. Still not eating on own.

BE 05-09 - Immature bald eagle. Severe head trama. Presently blind and we think deaf. Blood has cleared out of one eye. Eats good when feed with forcep. We have to wait and see how he improves.

BE 05-10 - Came from Dutch Harbor, car hit. Possible fracture to lt wrist. Going in for x-rays today.

BE 05-11 - (Sparkie) Powerline electrocution. Eating and pooping well. We think it was a mild shock. R&R here also.

BE 05-12 - This one came in last night from Sand Point. Was thrown into something by high winds. Possible lt wing high fracture. Also has an eye deformity or old wound. Rt eye lid is fuzed closed. Going in for x-rays today.

All eagles recieve daily vitamin shots, clean mew, food (either salmon or moose or both) and water. Their feet are scrubed weekly to help prevent bumble foot and other infections.

Pictures of these birds have been added to the photo album to your right.

Monday, February 21, 2005

BE 05-08 Day 5

BE 05-08 is looking good considering. He's still being tube feed, given IV's and baytril. He's still not eating on his own or showing any interest in it yet. He will soon I'm sure. I know I would be tired of that tube being put down my neck by now.

We now have 7 bald eagles at Bird TLC recieving treatment. That's not including another 4 there for rehab and what's at the flight center. We've been busy!

Ruth & I pick up another one tonight at the airport. PenAir is flying in a bald eagle from Sand Point. Cindy will meet us at the clinic.

PenAir is footing the bill again. Thanks PenAir!

The Latest on BE 05-01

It has been determined that BE 05-01 (Lead Bottom) had a vascular accident. In other words, a stroke. It effected his left side, mainly his wing, leg and foot. So he's being treated for that and mild asper. His nystagmis (eye twitch) is gone and his breathing is no longer labored. He will eat on his own if feed with forceps. He'll bite you or talon you if your not careful.

Continue keeping your feathers crossed. He's a fighter but can use all of the help there is.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Some Great kids

One of the courses this year at Stellar Secondary School is Ornithology. The class decided to host a dance as a fundraiser for Bird TLC. They raised $282.45 and donated it all to help the birds.

A big thanks to the teacher, Scott Hauser, and the Ornithology class. This donation will help the birds of Alaska. We accept it at a time when it is needed very much.

With your support...

... "We will continue to provide primary medical care and rehabilitation for sick, injured, or orphaned wild birds; and to provide environmental education for the public through live wild bird programs."

Saturday, February 19, 2005

More Great People

A big thanks to Forest Oil Corporation for a generous donation again this year.

With your support...

... "We will continue to provide primary medical care and rehabilitation for sick, injured, or orphaned wild birds; and to provide environmental education for the public through live wild bird programs."

Turn for the worst

BE 05-01 (Lead Bottom) has taken a turn for the worst. After Ruth and I gave BE 05-08 his IV, we noticed BE 05-01 was laying down behind his perch. We removed his perch and examined him in his mew. He was dehydrated and his breathing was labored. Cindy (Rehab Director) was out of town so we called Barbara Doak (semi-retired Rehab Director). Barbara is 81 years young and I wake her up at 7AM. We told her what was happening and she authorized us to give him an IV of 100 ml of lrs.

LB was diagnosed as having a mild case of aspergillosis (asper) a few days ago. Asper is not uncommon in birds that have gone though a lot of stress or severe health changes. However, for him to take a turn just like that is highly unusual. Dr Todd Palmatier, DVM stopped by later in the day and also examined him. Fridays crew, Deann, Shara along with Cindy (who by now had returned) gave another 100 ml of lrs. His labored breathing was not as bad as earlier.

After we all got together and discused the cituation, we hadn't settled what the cause was of the sudden change. On Thursday when we left he looked just fine. He probably dehydrated when he stopped drinking because of his breathing. Asper generally doesn't make the birds cituation change so radically. We researched and couldn't find any known allergic reactions to the meds he's taking for asper. We're hopping that it's some type of airway obstruction that's slowly clearing up. We don't have access to a scope to send down his throat to find out.

After all he's gone through this year, I hope he overcomes this. He has fought so well to overcome the toxic poisoning. Ruth is going in this morning to feed the goshawk she presents. She's going to call me with an update. Keep your feathers crossed.

Ruth just called. His breathing is not as labored, but no other changes.

NOTE: You might be curious as to what the letters and numbers BE 05-01 and BE 05-08 and so on mean. We log all birds that come into Bird TLC and assign them a log number to keep tract of them. Blad Eagles must be on their own log, a requirement of USF&W. BE stands for Bald Eagle, 05 is the year and the next two digits i.e. 01 are how many we've had that year. BE 05-01 was the first Bald Eagle of the year, BE 05-08 was the eighth.

Here's an excellant article on asper from the State of Michigan, Department of Natural Resources.,1607,7-153-10370_12150_12220-26360--

BE 05-08 Day 3

Looking much better today. Ruth and I went in yesterday morning to give him his IV before going to our jobs that pay cash. He's a real challenge to give an IV. His veins are small and some roll on you. However, we got some fluids in him.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

New look

Mike @ pointed out a template flaw on our blog when viewed by Firefox. Since this is becoming a very popular browser, we couldn't have that. So, I changed to something a little simpler.

In doing this, any custom changes I made in the past was deleted, i.e. links, and stuff. I will add those again shortly as time permits. I got some catching up to do for being sick for a while.

I also had to change to a blog member only posting. If you'd like to post, e-mail me at and we'll get you going. I've sent out invitations to regulars, just reply to the invite and ta da.

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BE 05-08 Day 2

BE 05-08

Boy are we looking better today. We're a long ways from being in the clear, but compared to the picture below, wow what a differance. The eagle gods are looking after this boy now.

Cindy gave him his IV this morning and some baytril. Chris Maack and Dugney tube feed him this afternoon. I bet by Monday he's on solid food. Ruth and I will go in early tomorrow and give him his IV.

This is the second eagle that we've gotten this year that was found caught in a trap.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Bad Trapping

BE 05-08

Got a call from Kathleen @ Bird TLC office this afternoon. There was a bald eagle coming in on ERA Aviation flight from Kenai @ 6PM. It had been caught in a trap and had lost one digit on it's right foot already. She wanted to know if I could pick it up. You know my answer, you betcha!

I picked it up at Alaska Airlines Air Cargo @ 6PM. They were on time. Thanks to ERA & Alaska Airlines for their help. Off to Bird TLC. Cindy and Ruth were there waiting when I arrived.

We removed him from the kennel and started an examination. We found one digit missing from the right foot, one digit probably dead, a deep puncher on the left foot pad, he was severly dehydrated and exhausted. IV was started immediately to get some fluids in him. We also tube feed him for he had a sharp keal from probably not eating for a few days. His weight was at 3 kilo grams, a little on the light side. We placed him in a mew. He was standing on his own, but was disoriented.

Tomorrow morning he'll get another IV and baytril. We'll keep our feathers crossed.

Remember BE 05-01

Remember BE 05-01

He's doing just fine, even though I ruffeled his feathers when I took his picture. He has developed a little bit of asper for which he's being treated for. All signs of the toxic poisoning is gone. He eats well, caws at anyone who goes near his mew and is a fine looking eagle. Hopefully he'll be released this summer.

Sorry I've not posted in a few weeks. Work got in the way and I was sick for a few weeks.

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