Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Double duty in Eagle River

Saturday was a busy day. Kelly, Chris, Ellen and myself were at the 25th Annual Scottish Highland Games in Eagle River. The Highland Games is a celebration of Scottish culture and includes athletics, music, dance, food, crafts, and historical reenactment. The weather was great and so were our host and the people who attended. This is a first for us to attend, but I'll bet we're invited back next year.

Falconry has long been regarded as the Sport of Kings, and the falcon has been the symbol of high birth and luxury. Chris presented the Merlin and Ellen presented the Rough-Legged Hawk. Kelly, an experienced falconer, discussed falconry of yesterday and today.

From there Kelly and I went to the Eagle River Campground where we met up with members of the Alaska Wildland Adventures group. Here Kelly presented the Great Gray Owl for visitors from the lower 48. There we also had great weather and a very curious audience.

I enjoy presentations from all three of todays presenters. They are a few of Bird TLC's most experienced volunteers. They are very knowledgable of the birds they present and do a very informative presentation that's very educational and exciting.

Friday, June 23, 2006

"For the Birds"

It's going to happen. On Oct 21st at ConocoPhillips Atrium in Anchorage we're going to have a silent, live and online auction to raise much needed funds for the birds. We've put together a committee and we have already started getting organized.

If you live in the Anchorage area and would like to volunteer to help out, call the office at 562-4852 or call me at 351-4968 or email me at webmaster at birdtlc dot net.

If you are a business person dealing in fishing & hunting trips or charters, birding tours, cruises, Alaskan art, jewerlry, or anything you think would help us raise funds and your willing to doanate, call the office at 562-4852 or call me at 351-4968 or email me at webmaster at birdtlc dot net.

The online auction will be a first for Bird TLC. Any advice is truely appreciated. Remember, we are a non-profit, so advice like "hire Bill Gates" won't work. We are a registered 501(c)3 with the IRS.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

IATB #26

The latest I and the Bird is now available at The Hawk Owl's Nest. Go there to read about the sides for the IATB World Cup. Patrick has done a fine job.

The next issue of I and the Bird (on July 6) will be its first anniversary. For that occasion, it is returning to its original host and founder, 10,000 Birds, for a themed issue. Mike is calling for posts on one (or more) of three questions: why do you bird, why do you blog, and why do you blog about birds. For details, see here.

A visitor from Copper Center

This visitor was found on the side of the road in Copper Center just sitting there. He has no injuries that can be found by xray. We believe he collided with a car which is very common. He has suffered some head injury but we're not sure to what degree.

Can you tell me what kind of owl this is?

Have a safe Summer Solstice.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Baby Bald Eagle update

I recieved an email from Cindy Palmatier, Rehab Director and it says;

"The baby eagle is being replaced in a nest this weekend per USFW preferences. Tim Sell is doing the climbing, and he took the bird with him last night so when he finds the 'right' nest, he's ready to go."

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

BE 06-29

BE 06-29 has arrived and it's a baby eagle, also known as an eaglet. It comes to us from Dutch Harbor, Alaska. It was knocked from it's nest by high winds and then found on the side of the road. It's around three weeks old. Updates will be coming.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

We're back

We went to the Kenai River Festival for the weekend. Our gracious housing host were Ken & Judy Marlow of Marlow's on the Kenai. Wow, what nice people, beautiful & clean cabin with a great view. At the cabin area we saw Bald Eagles, Arctic Tern, Ravens, and American Robins. There were also Violet-green Swallows and Tree Swallows that liked to do fly by's to the Northern Goshawk and Northern Hawk Owl Ruthie was presenting.

Though we didn't see any while we were there, there's also moose, caribou, brown and black bear all around that area. The river was open for fishing but the salmon aren't running that strong yet. I belive I'll be back to visit the Marlow's later this summer.

On Saturday we meet up with the rest of the Bird TLC crew that was there for the weekend. Ellen was presenting a Northern Hawk Owl and a Rough-legged Hawk, Linda was presenting a Snowy Owl and Leslie presented a Bald Eagle.

As the day went by we were having some major issues with the wind. Trying to keep things anchored down and the birds on fist was becoming a full time job. But by days end many, many people

visited our tent. By the time it got to be 5PM, the temperatures were dipping to the low 50°'s and it was time to call it a night.

Sunday we woke up to rain and then sun and then rain for the rest of the day. Even though the rain stayed steady, we had some die hard festival goers. We ended up closing shop early due to wind, rain and cold. All in all though it was a good weekend.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Gone for the weekend

Ruthie and I are going to the Kenai River Festival and will be gone Fri, Sat & Sun. She'll be doing presentations with the Northern Goshawk and Northern Hawk Owl. I'll post pic's when we return. Have a safe weekend all!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

We like fish

We Alaskans like salmon. Red, Coho, King, you name it we like it. And guess what else likes salmon? Bald Eagles do. Right now we've had about 27 bald eagles come through the clinic so far this year. We have about 25 bald eagles of all sex, ages and sizes at the clinic and the flight center right now. That a lot of birds to feed.

We at Bird TLC have been pretty lucky so far this year. We have been getting steady donations of salmon. Fishing season just started and everyone is cleaning out their freezer of last years catch to make room for this years catch. Fortunately they thought of us. The picture at left is my truck loaded with salmon headed to the flight center. It was all donated by people getting ready to go fish for more. We have 8 almost full freezers of salmon and some red meat for the owls and golden eagles that come through.

Yeah, we like fish.

Friday, June 02, 2006

My little girl

Mike & Sara at 10000 Birds had a baby girl the other day and named her Ivy Arehart Bergin. My baby girl Cassandra Edna Dorsey graduated from Bartlett High School tonight. His daughter came into the world and mine is starting out in the world.

I know how proud you are Mike because I've been there. I still am actually. When she was a toddler we called her Sassy Cassie. Now it's Cassie or Cas. I call her my favorite girl or favorite daughter. I know, she's my only daughter. But she is my favorite girl and no one can take that away from me. I like the young woman she's grown up to be. She's not perfect and lord knows I'm not either. But she'll always be the sparkle in my eye.

Mike, you'll find yourself doing just about anything for your daughter. Her mother and I divorced when she was young. She would spend weekends at my house with her brothers. After returning her to her mom's house I would get calls like "I forgot my blankie" when I got home. That was before cell phone days, so you were all the way home before you got the call. During the middle of the night and in freezing temperatures, I'd turn around and take her blankie (Strawberry Shortcake) back to her.

Or the time she had to have her ear operated on. When they rolled her out into the recovery room, both her and Minnie Mouse had their left ears bandaged up. Or those tea parties. You have to sit through them Mike. It's the hardest thing to do as a guy or dad, but you'll remember it forever. You'll remember taking the training wheels off of her pink Barbie bike. She was such a tomboy, I described her as Evil Knievil on a Barbie bike.

Now a days I get calls like "I'm hungry. Let's go to lunch". My reply usually is "Where we going to go?" We like shopping together, riding bikes together, going to hockey games together. She helps me out with different things with Bird TLC. She's a lot of fun. Your going to enjoy it Mike.

She's going to go to UAA, University of Alaska, Anchorage, in the fall. Journalism or cosmo something or another. Get that sheep skin kiddo.

I hope your ready Mike. My little girl isn't so little anymore. Actually she's taller than me now. But you going to enjoy it. Welcome to the world Ivy.

Cassie, congratulations! I'm very proud of you and always have been.

Love you,


Meet BE 06-27

BE 06-27 is the bald eagle from the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge that came to us last saturday. He's had a stainless steel pin inserted into his right wing temporary until it mends. So far things look good, we just have to be patient until it heals. There's a good chance he might be released by fall.

Keep your feathers crossed for a speedy recovery.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Do we have baby birds? Sure.

Do we have baby birds Yes we do. we have black capped chickadee's, mallards and ravens so far. Some are about ready to be let go and others are working their way there.

I was at the clinic yesterday and it looked like a baby bird day care center. All of the birds will be placed with a Baby Bird Mom. The little ones need to be feed every 20 - 30 minutes and trust me, they let you know if your off schedule. It's time to feed me. NOW!